About Us – Games, Games, Games!

zbet365 - Guys Who Love GamesYou’re probably wondering who we are, exactly. Well, we are three guys who are middle-aged, like football and enjoy games and gambling. Our mission was really quite simple. We got sick of looking all over the internet for information on football matches from our favourite clubs.

However, we, like you, enjoyed being out playing games in the casino while the matches were going on. We didn’t just want to have a little bit of the action, we wanted to all of it! In order to do this, we had to make sure that we had all of the right information. However, we also had to research the right games to play for our users.

We didn’t just through together a bunch of games from our perch inside a bar in Manchester. We look at all of the newest online games, research them, play them and then we show them to our users to give them the best experience possible. There’s no point in playing games that are not any fun, and there is no point is giving users games to play that we have not played ourselves.

When you come to visit us, you’re playing on a site with three dudes who are just like you, like the same games you like and want to have the same kind of fun you’re having. Kick back, have a pint and find out how much fun you can have playing our featured games, betting on football matches from the brink of relegation to the top of the FA Cup and find out why we did this. We built this site to bring all of you together into a place where we all have common interests and common goals. We want to win money, we like football and we like gambling.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or you just want to drop us a note, please feel free to contact us. We made this site for you and we want to hear from you.